Tour de Valley 09 Pictures
This page was last updated: August 14, 2012
TDV Riders and Milepost Zero members, one of our Milepost Zero members, Doug Fulk took almost 500 pictures during this year's '09 Tour de Valley Century.  So that you can view & print at the highest resolution, we have transferred all these pictures to the internet.  Click on the enlarge button above each thumbnail to view, then download the picture FOR FREE if you like!   They will take some time to open, but we didn't want to cut out ANYBODY's picture!   These are high resolution files in the 3 to 4 MB range in size and fill 3 DVD's!   Remember this page is just a low resolution copy of the thumbnails of these pictures, the pictures themselves will BLOW YOU AWAY!    Thanks Doug for a WONDERFUL job!  If you'd like a high quality/low price job done on some photography (wedding, etc.) you can email Doug at
Note: After you've opened any one of these pictures, just change the numbers up in the address field of your browser and you can open any of the other pictures in the same window vs. hitting the ENLARGE button on the next photo.   (And if you find a picture file that didn't completely download, drop us an email  with it's number so we can fix it!)