The Milepost Zero Bicycle Club provides assistance to the world famous "Cookie Lady of Afton", June Curry. She is a friend to cyclists world wide, most of which are traveling on the Trans America Bicycle Route (Rt. 76) which passes right in front of her Afton Mountain home. "The Bike House" is a popular stop on the Trans Am for weary cyclists who need a place to rest, stay the night, or to get a bite to eat. The walls there are covered with cycling memorabilia from her guests. Since 1976, she has had more than 11,000 cyclists stop by to say hello!

The club supports her with financial aid, food donations for the Bike House, small home repair jobs, and the annual opening and closing of the Bike House.

Volunteers are always needed to assist the Cookie Lady and visitors to her home are always welcome! Go by and experience the Bike House for yourself, even if just for a few hours!
Dear MPZ Club Members,
I'm a poor writer and not gifted in expressing myself--but you will never know how much I appreciated the generous check again this year.  I hope you know how many cyclists you have helped.  I make no charge, just have a donation jar but bikers are very generous.  Due to my stroke, I will have to hire someone to help me.  Though I am pleased I've done so well and can walk--but not up and down all day to the Bike House.  I'll have some one check on the bike House when bikers leave and I'll keep the key so they can come to my house and visit (and get the key).  I wish I could handle it all but am thankful for what I can do. 
God Bless each of you, and come to see me.  I just couldn't bear the thought of not being a part of biking this year.
Thanks again to each of you and may you all have a happy and blessed summer AND NO ACCIDENTS!

Love to each of you,
June Curry
March 21, 2007

Dear Milepost Zero Club Members:

I was so delighted to see everyone that came to clean up the Bike House today! You did a wonderful job and worked hard. I just can’t do this all myself anymore and my helper Debbie and I never could have gotten the Bike House ready for the bikers without you.

I thank the club members for all of the support through the year and for the extra support this year with getting the Bike House clean and buying some extra supplies. The workers worked all day in the cold and it looks so good. It was just like Santa Claus had come! They did a superb job. It doesn’t even look like my place!

I hope to see you all soon and invite you to come anytime to see me. I hope you will plan a get together here before biking season really gets busy. Just come up one evening for cookies and tea and see the Bike House while it’s clean! To each individual, God bless you and my love and prayer are with you for a safe journey, where ever you go!

June Curry  “The Cookie Lady”

Volunteers with June getting the "Bike House" ready for summer. Below, inside the "Bike House".